“Alison is an astute and insightful adviser who helped me through many difficult situations in politics as my Special Adviser for six years, and afterwards in the private sector.  She understands the workings of government and complexities of influencing the public affairs agenda and is a skilled communicator. She is not afraid to challenge and has an ability quickly to grasp the nub of an issue and help to identify ways forward.  Her warm and supportive style and good humour make her a pleasure to work with.”  Rt Hon Michael Portillo, former Secretary of State for Defence.

“My CCG offered Board members one-to-one coaching and I am glad I took up the offer. I am a part-time GP, a CCG Board member and also run my own business. I went along not really knowing what to expect, but within 30 minutes had identified 3 areas where I was experiencing difficulty in my 3 lines of work. Clear goals with timelines were set and I am pleased to report I have thus far kept to the goals and timelines with positive results. I highly recommend Alison as a coach and I will certainly do so in the future.”  GP and Board Director, West London.

“I have found Alison’s coaching invaluable.  The time spent thinking strategically, while being challenged and supported by someone committed to my goals and success, helped me to consider issues from new perspectives, find solutions to problems and take the tough decisions I’d been avoiding or chasing round in circles. I now have a clearer focus and direction.”  Chief Executive, Marketing Company, West Midlands.

“I have taken on a new and much bigger role now and I benefited from coaching [with Alison] by being able to identify the challenges I face and how to manage and address them.”   Deputy Chief Financial Officer, London

“I met with Alison twice for coaching arranged by my Clinical Commissioning Group. I found the sessions immensely helpful – Alison was a very good listener and helped me develop some key strategies for some of the situations that I was needing to find answers for. I think that Alison’s input will be really helpful in the longer term to manage my different roles and become more organised and effective in my different leadership positions.”  Tony, GP Member, London CCG.

“I had coaching sessions with Alison Broom during March 2013. I found these sessions very helpful and supportive and would be very happy to use Alison as a coach again in the future.”  Chief Finance Officer, London CCG.




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