Politics & Government


With 30 years’ experience working as a political and public affairs adviser, I offer one-to-one or small group coaching and training to equip you to deal with politicians and government officials at all levels, in a way which is effective and gives you the best chance of achieving your aims.

In any leadership position in any type of organisation, there are likely to be occasions when you need to communicate with government officials and politicians, whether locally, nationally or internationally.  No one generally prepares you for this role, which can seem daunting and complex to the uninitiated.  Get it wrong and your business or organisation could be adversely affected by detrimental policies or bad publicity.

Coaching or training is specifically tailored to your needs and can include mentoring you through an active communications programme or campaign. Alternatively I can work with you as a consultant, developing and delivering a tailored public affairs programme.

If you think this may be useful to you or your organisation, please contact me for further information.



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