“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.”  

Harvard Business Review

The daily challenges facing individuals and organisations in today’s high-pressure environment often leave too little time to step back and focus on the strategic and developmental issues which are vital to future success.  Using a skilled executive coach can help you to improve professional performance and personal effectiveness.  It is aimed at the achievement of agreed personal goals, grounded in professional reality and focused on current work challenges, not theoretical situations.

Research by the Institute for Employment Studies, sponsored by 30 leading UK employers, found that the following are some of the key reasons coaches are employed:

  • To support the transition of an executive into a more senior role, or to support a newly recruited senior executive in the first months of their employment
  • To accelerate the personal development of ‘high flyers’
  • To assist in ensuring the effective implementation and follow-through of organisational change
  • To  provide an external and independent sounding-board to support a senior individual
  • To support senior executives involved in wider training programmes

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